Reviews about Keramin

  • Miroslav
    I bought the cream a week ago. Orders are placed by mail, after payment for the order. I have a lot of pallomas on my hips. They have not yet completely disappeared, but after a week of use they have significantly decreased. I like cream!
  • Jiří
    I went to the pool and got nail fungus. A friend recommended me Keramin cream. I started rubbing it on my nails, fingers and toes. On the second day of use, the burning and itching began to go away, and the fungus was able to fully recover within 3 weeks. I agree!
  • Věra
    The cream is perfectly absorbed and does not emit odors. I started using the cream in the early stages of psoriasis. The result made me happy, the scales and stains disappeared in just 1. 5 weeks. But I continued to use the cream for another 2 weeks to prevent relapse. Psoriasis has not bothered me for more than a year.
  • Eva
    I used to get rid of papilloma with ice cream, but then the wounds healed for a long time. Keramin cream was a life saver for me! With his help, I was able to get rid of warts painlessly in just one month.
  • Magdaléna
    I use Keramin cream prophylactically when I come to the gym and pool. I have never been infected with papilloma, warts or fungus. I recommend!
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