Experience of use Keramin

Many people have already experienced the effects of Keramin cream and are considering using it.

Amelie from Milan, 36 years old

I got rid of papilloma in 3 weeks

Treatment of papillomas in the neck and chest with Keramin cream

I have a "star" body - I have a lot of moles. And as you know, the risk of developing skin diseases is high when exposed to direct sunlight.

A few months ago, I began to notice that papillomas appeared on the décolleté and neck. I was ashamed to wear open clothes, I had to give up chains and always tie scarves around my neck. I went to the doctor with my problem, he advised me to remove them with a laser, or try to get rid of them using Keramin cream. I chose the second less traumatic way. I bought the cream from the official website. First I ordered Keramin, they called me that day and sent me a package with medicine. I took it 3 days later, studied its composition, clinical trials and decided that the drug was not harmful.

I read the instructions for use and started applying the cream twice a day. Apply a thin layer to cleansed skin. A week later I saw the first changes - new papillomas stopped appearing. Then it seemed to me that the old ones seemed to have dried up, and after three weeks they were gone. If you, like me, suffer from papilloma, I recommend you to use Keramin.

Munich Frost, 43

Get rid of psoriasis within a month

Psoriasis in the hands of a man is treated with Keramin creamI have been suffering from psoriasis since I was a teenager. I went to the doctor with them, used a lot of ointments and tablets, but they helped in a short time. I learned about Keramin cream on the Internet. I learned about the experience of other patients, how they use the cream, and decided to try it, especially since the price is reasonable compared to other drugs.

I ordered the cream by mail and started using it. The cream is sold in a soft tube packed in a cardboard box. It is easy to use. I used it twice a day, and after a month, the areas suffering from psoriasis looked normal, healthy, and the crusts and spots disappeared. It's been a year since I finished the course and the psoriasis has returned to me. I have recommended this miracle cream to friends with skin diseases, and they are satisfied with the results of its use.